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Decrease IT Maintenance Costs

Consolidating all hardware onto a single unified maintenance contract ,, reduces the complexity involved with managing and renewing maintenance contracts, Also, when maintenance is needed, there is a single point of contact and phone number to call.With a dedicated account manager, the logistics and shipping of parts & replacements are coordinated via a single source. In a heterogeneous IT environment, with hardware from multiple manufacturers, there are usually multiple maintenance contracts from various disparate sources. Managing multiple support contracts and expiration dates adds complexity and unnecessary costs, and may adversely affect availability if there is difficulty finding the correct source to go to when maintenance is needed.

IP Video Surveillance Systems

G9 Team is qualified to help you design, configure, price, install, and implement an end-to-end video surveillance system that utilizes IP networking for remote site surveillance and other applications. We work with our clients to design solutions that include:

IP video cameras


camera enclosures

wireless networking equipment

PoE LAN networking

and storage networking and capacity to manage the recorded and archived video feeds.

Virtualization & cloud computing

Consolidat The main benefit of virtualization is the ability to utilize one system for multiple applications and uses. Servers can be virtualized to run multiple operating systems, disk arrays can be virtualized to host the data for multiple applications, and a single system can be virtualized to serve a host of desktop machines. Virtualization saves costs by reducing redundant hardware components while minimizing maintenance, power & cooling requirements. Computing resources can be provisioned across various workloads to reduce unused capacity.

Simplify Minimizing the number of physical systems reduces complexity, enabling administrative staff to centrally manage & provision computing power. With a top-down view of resource utilization, staff can proactively approach potential issues before they become problems, and enact policies and procedures to monitor, anticipate and prevent administrative nightmares.

Maximize Availability Virtualization can figure prominently into business continuity plans by simplifying the tasks of performing remote replication for disaster recovery scenarios, or having a mirrored failover system available for high availability requirements.

Gain Flexibility & Agility Virtualization technology allows IT departments to rapidly plan, test and deploy new applications, enabling new virtual systems to be quickly created for the testing and staging of new solutions prior to implementation. In addition, computing resources can be dynamically allocated computing resources, to align IT with business requirements.

Server Virtualization

One of the most common ways to leverage virtualization is with server consolidation. Virtualizing servers increases resource utilization, increase flexibility, and reduce costs.

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization enables user setttings, data and applications to be placed on a centralized server and acessed remotely with a variety of devices. Desktop virtualization helps reduce capital expenditures, minimize operating expenditures, and increase productivity. PCs, thin clients, or mobile devices can be used to access users’ personal desktop environment, and support costs can be significantly reduced by centralizing desktop access.